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The Court of the Rose
Recent Entries 
28th-Dec-2008 02:00 pm - Onward to Greenwich!
Who: William Brereton, and open to anyone who wishes to travel to the Palace of Pleasaunce.
When: Same morning, August 1519, shortly after the King's departure
Where: Whitehall Palace, just outside the King's presence chamber
Why: Because when the King moves, the court follows

17th-Dec-2008 10:55 pm - Like the morning dew
Preparing for An Adventure
Who: Henry VIII (open to Charles Brandon, later to Thomas Cromwell)
When: same morning, after the promenade
Where: the King's privy chamber, later on the Thames to Greenwich

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20th-Oct-2008 10:34 pm - Meet and Greet

Who: Thomas Wyatt (open to Charles Brandon and the Dauphin of France)
When: August 1519 - Afternoon before the joust
Where: Whitehall palace corridors
Why: Because someone needs to deliver the message

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28th-Jun-2008 12:58 am - Revelation
Who: Lady Anne Boleyn (open to anyone)
Where: Whitehall Palace, stables
When: anno Domini 1519, afternoon, after dining with Mary and George
What: The Three Boleyns going riding
Why: There are some secrets that must be brought to light

4th-Jun-2008 03:38 pm - Taking a new direction
Who:  Mary Boleyn (open to anyone)
Where:  Whitehall Palace Library
When:  1519 AD.... after dining with Anne and George
Why:  Because Mary needs to take things in a new direction

26th-Apr-2008 06:25 pm - Let It Go

Who: Charles Brandon (Open to Anthony)
Where:  Outside the palace and pub
When: 1519 A.D. - afternoon

7th-Apr-2008 12:06 pm - Solace in the gardens

Who:  Mary Boleyn (open)
Where: Whitehall Palace, Privy Gardens
When: 1519 A.D. - early afternoon after Mass
What: Mary walking in the gardens, seeking some peace
Why: Because she has a lot weighing on her mind

18th-Mar-2008 08:47 pm - Contemplation
Who: Lady Mary Boleyn (Open)
Where: Whitehall Palace, Mary's Bedchamber
When: 1519 A.D. - Early morning
What: The things Mary heard weighing heavily on her mind.
Why: Because this knowledge can make her life easy or break her 

14th-Mar-2008 11:06 am - The tangle of Tudor roses
Who: Lady Anne Boleyn
Where: Whitehall Palace, Privy Gardens
When: The Year 1519, afternoon
What: Anne's reflections on her family and Court events
Why: She has a place in them whether she wants it or not

Who: Eliana Stevenson
Where: Whitehall Palace, A Closet 
When: The Year 1519 AD. Early Morning.
What: Eliana's musings.  
Why: Because.  


11th-Mar-2008 03:26 pm - A secret not for my ears
Who: Lady Mary Boleyn
Where: Whitehall Palace, Katherine's Quarters, in the dressing chamber, hiding behind Katherine's gowns
When: The year 1519 AD Evening
What: Mary overhears a discussion between the King and Queen by accident
Why: Because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time

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